No, You Made *My* Day!

There is so much love swirling around in cyberspace right now, can you feel it? I have had the great honor of receiving this fabulous little award *twice* in the past couple of days (one from KT and one from Shanna, who both totally made my day with their posts.) I am positively giddy, and determined to have the same effect on someone else now.

So, here are the three blogs on which I wish to bestow this lovely badge of honor:

Amy @ Mom of Two Princesses. Amy makes my day several times a week with her faithful comment love. Reading blogs can quickly become a very time-consuming activity, but Amy always seems to make time to send me out sweet little encouragements. Naturally, I feel a connection with her girly household, and I always enjoy catching up on the happenings of her two sweet girls, Emily and Olivia, but I probably don’t tell her that enough! Thank you so much!

Amanda @ Oh Amanda. As far as I’m concerned, Amanda is the superstar of the blogosphere, so I decided after much swithering that I didn’t even care that someone else had already given her this award. I’m giving it to her again. She was one of the original bloggers from way back before the Doodlemama bloggy explosion of 2008. I daresay she had a hand in inspiring it. She certainly inspires me. Amanda loves the Lord and is a fantastic mom. Not to mention her blog is a blast! She makes us do crazy things like kiss our computers and swap babies (not really, don’t panic!). Her creativity and superb writing style give me something to strive for in my blogging. Thanks, friend!

Trevor @ TheYoungPages. Yeah. He’s my husband. Is that cheesy? His blog really does make my day, though, when he posts. He seems to have lost his joie de blog a little bit lately, but when he finds it again, he will make me smile and smile. I learn a lot about him from his blog that just doesn’t seem to come up in day to day conversation. This blogging thing has really been a blessing to our marriage, and helped us learn more about what makes the other tick. Thanks so much for sticking at it, sweetie. I love respect you. (More on that little inside joke to follow, at some point.)

So there you have it. Three people who make my day. There are so many more, but these three are especially close to my heart, and I want them to know how much they are appreciated.

2 thoughts on “No, You Made *My* Day!

  1. Oh Jodi! You brought tears to my eyes! lol This afternoon has been kinda icky and this just made it better!! Thank you so much for “making MY day!”


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