IMG_5852This page should have been added a long time ago.  Bad Mommy.

Here are a few favorite words of the moment (7/09):

fofa (sofa)

widewalk (sidewalk)

rola (stroller – formerly lola, which was slightly funnier, IMO)

bumpy bee (bumble bee)

uh-tie-down! (upside down)

Joopa (Juniper)

Mickamouse (Minnie Mouse… “No, that’s Minnie, she’s a girl.  Mickey’s a boy.” Bea: Ohhh, Mickamouse girl.)

Poopy! (pee-pees)

Yupadama! (Poopy.  From the English word “yuckorama.”  Note: her first word for this was “Noise”.)

Scoonsie (Excuse me, usually said while pushing someone out of the way.)

One thought on “Bea-isms

  1. sigh…I was revisting your -ism pages because my 7 year old just lost his last 2: my teen son gave him the ‘it’s a..’ speech for “Jumpaline” = Trampoline; and Dancerina = ballerina, last year I was sad to see ‘bejeezer’ (Tazer) go away, although I guess at almost 8 he should really start using the proper term.

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