Wednesday Withdrawal

You probably know that Wednesday is “my mom’s day off” and that I pretty much always spend it with her. Maybe you didn’t know that. After all, you can’t possibly remember everything I say here. That would be a terrible waste of brain space, wouldn’t it? Anyway, it is, and I do.

Last week my mom told me with a few days notice that she would *not* be taking Wednesday off, because the store was being renovated all week and having a big reopening on Friday. Fair enough, I thought. She is, after all, an important and irreplaceable lady, and I’m willing to accept that sometimes there are other people who need her (almost) as much I do.

But by 10 o’clock Thursday morning, it hit me like a whopping great caffeine withdrawal headache: I had missed my day with my mom. I didn’t really know what was happening to me as I was running perfectly normal errands with the girls in the stroller and suddenly felt totally overwhelmed and on the verge of tearsy in the middle of Rite-Aid. They weren’t being bad. Pippa had to go potty. We went. My package kept falling out of the stroller as we walked to the post office. I survived, and I held it together. Just. It was really no different from any other day, and I couldn’t figure out why on earth I was teetering on the edge of total melt-down.

We got to our play group at church, and I recharged a bit while there were a few other moms there to chat with and babies to keep mine occupied. On gathering myself up and reflecting, I realized something: I wanted my Mommy!

Friday and the weekend took the edge off it, but by yesterday, I was feeling totally burnt-out and counting the minutes until today. Ah… Wednsday, sweet Wednesday.

Then my mom called last night. “Honey, I’m really sorry, but I have to go to the hospital tomorrow for a treatment (nothing super serious… well, serious enough, but routine for her). I’m not going to be able to do tomorrow.”

Oh, I tried to act all cool. “Oh, don’t apologize, Mom, of course that’s totally fine. We’ll be fine. Are you okay?” But it was all I could do to keep from bursting into tears and begging her to cancel her silly treatment and come hang out with us. (Would that be selfish, do you think?) Two no-Mom Wednesdays in a row? Could the delicate fabric of my universe withstand such a blow? I really wasn’t sure.

This morning, we soldiered on. There was lot of TV, I won’t lie, but it wasn’t too bad. She called while she was hooked up to her IV just to see what we were up to (can you believe it?). I told her what the girls were doing, and she requested that I take some photos. Turns out she was missing us, too.

The afternoon rolled on toward naptime, and I was beginning to think I might just survive the day after all. I was all ready to settle into an afternoon of catching up on e-mails and blogging my mommy an I-MIss-You-Message when my phone rang again.

My Mom: I’m done.  What are you doing right now?

Me: (With freakish excitement in my voice) Hoping that the next words out of your mouth are going to be “can I come over right now and bring coffee”!?! (I really did say that to her. She was at the hospital. I am a bad, bad daughter.)

And that’s just what happened! Instead of spending the next few hours pining away and feeling sorry for myself, I spent them drinking coffee and eating cookies and sipping tea with one of my favorite people in the world. Instead of blogging about how much I miss my Mommy, I’m blogging about how amazing she is for coming to my rescue today in spite of crazy circumstances. Order and balance have been restored to my world. My tank is full. The sun is shining. I’ve had my fix, and life is very good again. Thanks, Mom.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Withdrawal

  1. Thats so nice, and she even read Flat Stanley to Pippa. Glad it arrived. It’s amazing how a change in routine can be so distressing. On the otherhand I crave a change from routine at times. There must be a balance there some where. Lx

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