How It All Began (Again): Part 2

(If you missed it, you can read Part 1 here.)

We didn’t make any decisions on the night of my little epiphany.  In fact, I think we left it a little while before we even talked about it much again.

Another longer and farther afield camping trip in September afforded us more time to ponder and discuss the situation, only this time, we both knew the Who of it.  It was just the When and the If that were left open for discussion.

On the long drive home, just as we were nearing a decision to jump back in with both feet, I hesitated.  I think I just wanted to make sure we weren’t running ahead of the Lord.  I wanted some confirmation.

“What if,” I suggested, “we wait until Christmas?  Pray about it.  See what happens?”

“Ooh, very sensible idea.  Yes, we should do that,” Trevor agreed.  And that was that, or so I thought.

The very. next. day, after church, we sat down to eat lunch together as a family, and Trevor announced, “I was thinking in church this morning…”

All eyes were on him.  We watched and waited.  And waited some more.

Until finally Pippa blurted out, “…that we should adopt [that little boy you guys have been talking about all the time]?!  Right now?!?”

“No, Pip,”  I chided.  “Let Daddy talk.  That‘s not what he was going to say.   What were you going to say, Daddy?”

“Actually, yes.  That.”

There was cheering all around.  The kids were all thrilled, but in the back of my mind I remembered Bea’s request.   “Bea,” I asked. “He’s a few months older than you.  Is that okay?”

“I don’t care,” she beamed.  “I love him!”


(Random Valentine’s Day photo. Because Bea <3 )

I asked Trevor what our pastor could possibly have said that morning to cause him to toss the wait-till-Christmas plan out the window with such reckless abandon.  He couldn’t remember.  (So Peter, if you have your notes from September 28th handy, I’m super curious what you said.  I was in teaching in toddler nursery and came home to a changed man!)

And that, folks, is how decisions are made in the Young household.  I had all the confirmation I needed, and we emailed our wonderful social worker that very night.

It took about two months for the agency that had his file to officially transfer it so that we could continue to work with the agency and social worker we know and love.  The fact that they shared his file with our agency so willingly was another confirmation.  Not all agencies are willing to do that, and we are so very thankful they did.

We began our home study near the end of November, and we are just a piece of paper or two shy of finished it now.  We held our breath waiting for our pre-approval (PA) from his country, as we knew we were below the income requirement for a family our size and would need a waiver for that.  Thankfully, they have pre-approved us, so we are all systems go so far!

Please pray with us for continued green lights and a swift paper chase.  We all miss this little guy already.

8 thoughts on “How It All Began (Again): Part 2

  1. Aw, yeah!!!!

    I hope everything goes smoothly – but to be honest, I can’t imagine any other possibility, and I cannot wait until you can tell us his name!

  2. Oh my days!
    I am so happy to hear that “Caden” has a family.
    My husband is his prayer warrior, and we have all been praying for him.
    We have his picture up, we have the Reeces Rainbow Christmas decoration from making a donation to his fund. It was my hubby’s christmas pressie from me????
    Oh I am just so excited for you all!
    We are from and live in England.
    We will keep praying for you all!!
    Such amazing news, the power of prayer!

  3. Please forgive me, I didn’t read the previous comment before posting and came straight from RR so didn’t see that you hadn’t posted his name.
    Reading the description on RR sounded like it was ok to mention…. I know it’s not his real name but I still hope I haven’t said more than I should have ????

  4. And all those question marks were originally emoticons that haven’t come out for some reason. I was just so excited to see that your precious new son has gained a lovely family.

  5. Yeah, I saw that up too but figured didn’t want to mention specifics! I scroll through several sites every day and have a couple of faves on each. I figured you’d meant from one particular so went searching for your name…hoping for smooth, as possible, process. You guys make it look easy!

  6. ha…hope that comment makes sense. I was sort of writing to you and Diana’s email at same time!

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