Junie Lu Who, How Old Are You?!


This happy, gappy sweetheart turned six today.  The baby of our “original four”, this little girl has seen our family change in big ways in her lifetime, and she is mature beyond her years.  After opening a birthday present from Gran and Grandad in England and playing a few games of Connect Four this morning, she couldn’t wait to tear into her second “birthday present”: a first grade math workbook since she finished her kindergarten one yesterday.

Alas, she is still the girly girl of the family, and was delighted with the Elsa doll she commissioned me to make.  More Frozen stuff in our house… sigh.*


We had some quick birthday festivities after dinner…


… but then had to quickly get ourselves organized for Crazy Hair Night at Awana:

IMG_7804 IMG_7817 


IMG_7811 IMG_7809 IMG_7805 IMG_7803

It was a good, good day.  At least for most of us:


(And really, she was okay, too, once I gave up trying to take a picture of her right at bedtime.)

Happy birthday, Juniper Lucy.  You are an amazing little person, full of surprises and deep insights into life.  I am so very blessed to be your Mommy.

*      *     *     *     *

* And since we’re on the subject of Frozen, can I just tell you that we have been stricken with just about every winter malady under the way-too-far-away sun in the last week or so?  Our car battery died, activities have been canceled (or possibly unwisely gone ahead with anyway in some cases) due to snow, a tummy bug hit six of eight kids (so far!), and our water pipes froze for two days.  I actually flushed our toilets with snow.  I felt like a pioneer woman!  Only, you know, with toilets.

I say all that not to complain (okay, probably a little bit just to complain), but because it sure does make me appreciate life as usual when we come out the other end of a week like that.  God is so good all the time, and I am reminded of just how utterly dependent we are on Him.  Water delivered right into my home through pipes?  Amazing stuff.  When it works.



3 thoughts on “Junie Lu Who, How Old Are You?!

  1. Jodi,
    I so remember Juniper’s birth as it was a few days before my son, Peter’s, birthday on March 2nd. I also remember us obsessing over each of their names on Tons of Kids message board. Now they are six!!! Where did those years go? Happy Birthday, Junie! You are well-named! ????

  2. Sorry, the question marks at the end of my comment were supposed to be an emoticon (smiley face:).

  3. Happy birthday, Juniper!!!

    Love everyone’s hair for Crazy Hair Night. Our clubs do that one in October. Tomorrow night is Career Night…got to dig out the scrubs for doctors, nurses and vets! And need to find some overalls for my son who wants to be a “substitute farmer” (seriously?!)

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