A Uniquely Toddler Talent

Warning: don’t try this at home, unless you’re under three feet tall and very, umm… well-cushioned.

3 thoughts on “A Uniquely Toddler Talent

  1. Ro definately has the advantage. Closer to the ground, natural padding and a fluffy diaper!

  2. That’s great! James started doing that a few weeks ago when I’d ask him to sit down on our ottoman. He kicks his feet out in front of him and lands on his back side. He’s being bad (standing on the furniture) when he does it and I try so hard not to laugh. Crazy kids!!!

  3. How funny… she got some height there! lol She was so close to doing a somersault, smart little booger! I also thought it was funny seeing Bea in the background, under the crib, lol.

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