Winter Weather

Before I begin, a caveat: I didn’t want this to be my first post since Christmas, but I sort of expected it to be.  While it would have been preferable to be more on top of this, I’m forcing myself to write this even though it’s been longer than I would like.  I don’t know if my logic just then made sense, but no matter.  Now I’m done, on with the post.

If I were any more cliche, I would have called this post “Snow Much Fun.”  Of course, I wouldn’t dream of doing that.  But we did have an awful lot of snowy fun over the past week.

We have gotten a LOT of snow this winter.  I mean, we’ve had more in the past, but it’s snowed substantially at least three times, enough to play outside in, plus flurries.  Every time we’re “running low” on snow and patches of grass show through, it snows again, and our snow supply is replenished.  It’s pretty nice.

I’ve always loved snow.  Watching it come down, watching it land, going outside in it, the crunch of it under a pair of boots, the freshness and whiteness it drapes over the neighborhood.  It makes everything feel calmer.  And when you live with twelve siblings, that means a lot.

I believe I already mentioned the snowfall we had back in December.  Since then we’ve had two which we played outside in, plus a few “top-off” flurries which were enough to cover the grass.  In fact,  it’s snowing as I write this, and we played outside in the snow just yesterday.

“Pics or it didn’t happen” is one of Mom’s many mottos, so I’d better prove myself.

Poor Freya doesn’t love the snow as much as I do, I think.  She came out both times, but ended up crying, with snow crusted onto her gloves and down her boots.  Poor thing.  But I think she enjoys the hot chocolate.

Niko made a pretty cool-looking snowman.  The snowman didn’t last long (when the first batch of snow melted, he was reduced to a pair of legs), but he was neat while he was standing.

Both of those pictures were from the first of our 2021 snow days; the second was similar, but there was less sculpting and more piling snow into a sliding hill on our lawn.  Here’s Junie enjoying the slide:

It looked more fun in real life, but that gives you some idea of what was going on.

I planned on having this post focus solely on snow, but we’ve had enough other things going on this week that I’d best mention them as well.

Milo turned seven months old, already.  He is the sweetest, happiest baby in the world.  And I’m definitely not biased, or anything.

Milo, apart from being adorable, has the fairly hilarious problem of only being able to scoot backwards.  He gets himself into all sorts of predicaments backing under things, such as our ottoman:

We also had a lot of fun burying him in clean laundry the other day.  Normally this wouldn’t be worth mentioning, but we got such a cute picture I need to include it while I’m gushing over Milo anyway:

On the subject of cute people, Freya had some fun trying on Grandmom’s glasses:

I guess I’d better be done bragging on my siblings now, since another (fairly) important thing happened this week: my birthday!  It was a marvelous day consisting of present-opening in the morning, then a drive to Paigie’s house to drop off Pippa for her babysitting job, then a trip to IHOP with Grandmom (yum).  It ended with a birthday movie (Harry Potter, of course).

A collaboration between Junie, Cora, and Niko (I think – I’m sorry if I’m forgetting anyone!) yielded my birthday cake, which was stunning, not to mention tasty:

I guess I’d better put in a picture of myself opening presents, too, for Mom’s sake.

That was me opening my crocheted present from Mom.  This year she’s crocheting each of us a mini-me, in an outfit of our choice, with an accessory of our choice.  This is mine, side-by-side with the photo it was based on.

Those dolls haven’t been the only thing Mom’s been crocheting of late, as busy as they’re keeping her.  We also worked on a Valentine’s Day MCAL (Mystery Crochet-Along) as a family.  It only lasted two weeks, but it was a lot of fun.  Every Saturday we were sent another part of a pattern, but we didn’t know what the end product would be until the MCAL was over.

The first week was the doll’s body and hair, which was about a million tiny curls.  Mom and I (well, Mom, anyway) had fun pretending to be mad at the pattern designer for assigning us to make so many curls.

The final product was supposed to be a Cupid doll, but I didn’t love how it was supposed to look, so I sort of went off-script and made a more modern-day Cupid, named Tristan.

I like how he turned out, even if it wasn’t quite how he was supposed to!

I guess I’d better post this and stop “post”-poning it now.  (And my apologies for the terrible pun.  It was unintentional, but then I noticed it and thought I should acknowledge its presence.)

Maybe this time I can post again within the month! . . . Hmm, or maybe not.  We are about to enter a pretty crazy birthday season, after all.  We’ll have to wait and see.