Thanksgiving Fun

First of all, special thanks to Coraline for the title of this post.  Second, I’m ever so sorry I forgot about my blog (again).  My memory about this is obviously not too great.  Normally I can keep on top of things like this, but having no system in place makes my blogging scarce at best.

Anyway, this past week (actually several weeks ago now … Whoops) held Thanksgiving, which has always been one of my favorite holidays.  Getting the family together, talking and laughing over a particularly enormous and delicious dinner – it’s the best holiday, to me at least.  Well, second to Christmas, of course.  However, this year I liked it slightly less than normal, because of a five-mile run in the morning.

I think I’ve mentioned before that running is very much not my strong suit.  We (Mom, Dad, Pippa, and I) started in September 2019 with the Couch-2-5K training program, which literally starts you at one-minute running, one-and-a-half minutes walking, then builds up to 25 or so minutes running without any walking breaks.  We completed C25K in time for a 5K last November (2019, that is) and haven’t stopped running since.  Then, sometime in early November, we were informed that we would be jumping from the longest we’d ever run being 5K to it being 5 miles.  Which was a LOT of training for about three weeks. Pippa and I built it up a half-mile at a time until we could run the whole five miles.

Here’s my family’s corner of the group photo at the run.  (I don’t think we meant to all stand next to each other, but it was convenient for sure.) It also includes Aunt Paigie, because there was no easy way to crop her out.

As you can sort of tell from the photo, it was wet and dreary and overall NOT good running weather.  Though it could have been worse – at least it wasn’t too cold.  (*Trying very hard to be positive, since I like the cold.*)

I came in twelfth, I think, which sounds like it could be impressive except that there were only eighteen or so runners.  Anyway, we were done running by 10:00, so it really wasn’t that bad.  But not the best way to start Thanksgiving, in my opinion.  I can run (slowly) but I still haven’t found a way to enjoy it – though I don’t hate it as much as I used to, so I hope it’s growing on me.

All right, moving on.  After the run (and the pumpkin pie and Gatorades which followed) we spent a long time at home, doing not-too-much-of-anything.  I’m pretty sure I did a lot of crocheting and typing.  But, as I said, Thanksgiving was a while ago, so I’m not entirely sure. I think it was about four when we headed to Pop-pop and Debidee’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.

Which was fun, as always.  And tasty. 

We got plenty of photos there, but I don’t have space for all of them, so I’m just going to include one or two (okay, or three) here.  Above is a picture of Pop-pop and Milo.  I really like that picture, because you can tell they’re so genuinely happy, and it’s bad enough quality it doesn’t look staged.  Also, Milo is making this sort-of happy, sort-of terrified expression, like he’s not sure what he ought to think of Pop-pop.  It just makes me smile.

The second photo is Mom and Dad in their Puritan costumes.  This is the one they smiled for; they also took photos where they made fake serious faces.  The funny thing about those was that Dad’s looked real, and Mom’s was ridiculously affected.  I’m including the smiley one because I like it better, since it’s a better representative of Thanksgiving.  (In my opinion.)

The last photo (above) is a selfie of (from left to right) Pippa, Junie, and me.  I included it because it has me (and I think was the only photo from Thanksgiving which did) and it’s a selfie, which I never take.

Anyhow, that was Thanksgiving.  A fun day, particularly after the 5-miler was over.  And, more excitingly yet, it’s now officially the Christmas season!

(And, since it’s now closer to Christmas than Thanksgiving, I’d better end this post here and get on with a Christmas-season one!)

By Romilly

My name is Romilly Young and I am the loving second-oldest sister in a family of thirteen kids. In age order, they are
Philippa (Pippa), born 2004
Me, born 2006
Nikolai (Niko), born 2006
Delphinia (Delia), born 2006
Thaddeus (Teddy), born 2006
Lewis, born 2007
Beatrix (Bea), born 2007
Juniper, born 2009
Coraline, born 2011
Annis, born 2014
Verity, born 2016
Freya, born 2018
Milo, born 2020

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