Milo Walter Is Here!

Since my blog is new and I haven’t posted much yet, this won’t mean quite as much to my readers as it does to us, but anyone who knows our family will understand exactly what these words mean and how incredible they are:

We had a BOY!

After eight girls, my first biological brother is finally here.  Not, of course, that we haven’t had boys before – we have three boys, and they are wonderful, but they are all adopted, so this is my first biological brother and I am incredibly amazed and delighted about it.  And so it is with great, great joy that I introduce to you all …

Milo Walter Young

Born July 3rd, 2020

Weighing 6 lbs 13 oz

What’s particularly crazy about the fact that Milo is, well, a boy, is that we specifically asked God for a boy this time.  After eight baby girls Mom began to realize that she might never get to have a baby boy, and then, more than nine months ago now, she asked God that, were there to be another baby, could it be a boy.  He answered that prayer, all those months ago, and we didn’t even know about it until a few weeks ago.  I am still filled with awe every time I think about it.

We met him on July 4th, as he was completely healthy.  Apart from Mom’s spiking blood pressure (which I think is maybe a bit more under control now, with medicine?) and a bit of worry over how much weight Milo had lost, we are doing very well.  Maybe a little bit in shock, though.  After all – if a Young baby can be a boy, then it seems as though anything should be able to happen!

Notice Milo in the center/back, held by Pippa? Isn’t he just so tiny?

By Romilly

My name is Romilly Young and I am the loving second-oldest sister in a family of thirteen kids. In age order, they are
Philippa (Pippa), born 2004
Me, born 2006
Nikolai (Niko), born 2006
Delphinia (Delia), born 2006
Thaddeus (Teddy), born 2006
Lewis, born 2007
Beatrix (Bea), born 2007
Juniper, born 2009
Coraline, born 2011
Annis, born 2014
Verity, born 2016
Freya, born 2018
Milo, born 2020

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