Youngs in Quarantine

This COVID-19 crisis seems to be taking over everyone’s lives, changing every aspect of everyday living.  It’s been forcing people into their homes and away from the things which they would typically be doing. Most importantly, it’s causing families to stick together much more than they normally would. Since everyone is at home, which normally would only happen on a weekend, there’s a higher stress level than there would normally be. Everyone is antsy because we can’t go anywhere or really do anything.  We’re all stuck together in the same house, which is stressful and at times a little exhausting.  But thankfully, it has its upsides, too.

Firstly, the boys, Lewis and Teddy, who would normally be at school, are home.  Normally, whenever they’re home, Lewis and Teddy are obsessed with school, constantly talking about their teachers and friends and the other things they get to do there.  Because they’re both adorable, they tend to become teachers’ pets, and that can lead to strife at home, as well, because they think that they should get away with anything at home like they would at school.  But since they’ve been home for a few months now, they’ve sort of “detoxified” from school, and are back to their sweet, playful, not-school-obsessed selves.  This has been surprisingly wonderful.  I won’t pretend that they don’t ever argue anymore, or that they don’t ever talk about school, but they are kinder and more fun now, and they play with everyone more than they ever would when they went to school every day.  It’s impressive how much their moods affect the rest of the family – when they are grumpy and think of nothing but school, no one seems to be very happy.

Also, obviously we’ve had a lot more time on our hands.  School flies by when we haven’t got any appointments or playdates to distract us from our work, so we’ve been finding ourselves with a lot of four or five-day weekends on our hands, especially now we’re nearing the end of the school year.  Therefore our house has been crowding itself with all the stuffed animals we’ve crocheted since quarantine began.  I’ve made several stuffed dragons, an owl, a pony, a few little dolls, and more things – and all of them are still around my bed, waiting either to find a new home or for Pippa to get frustrated and move them for me.  What’s more, we’ve quite ambitiously decided to make stuffed toys for every child in every family at our church, which is a huge undertaking.  Fortunately, Pippa has taken charge of this and made enough stuffed animals for several families now, but I will have to think of something to crochet for them at some point.

One of the many dragons which now are cluttered all over my room, finished in late April, thanks to having extra free time.

I’ve always loved to write stories, but finishing them has never been my strong suit.  For the past three or four years, whenever I finish my school, I’ve asked Mom if I can type.  Generally, I’ll work on a particular story for a  month or two, then give up and start another, but in January this year, I started a new story which I am not even thinking about quitting!  It’s over 170 pages long and grows daily.  Fantasy is my favorite genre, so almost all of the short stories I’ve written were that, but I’ve never tried to make up my own fantasy world before, so I tried that this time.  It’s doing really well and I don’t think I’m inclined to stop writing on it until, well, until it’s done.  Especially now that Grandmom is reading it and really enjoying it!  Yes, I am very excited about this book.

Also, we’ve been spending much more time outside than we normally would, and have been finding even the chillier-than-average May temperatures very enjoyable.  Though Mom and Grandmom both say they’re itching for warmer temperatures, I am relishing these last days of frosty winds.  They’re already fading all across America, though, so I’m expecting a blast of heat soon!

A small contingent of the Young children, enjoying the lingering chills of winter.

So that’s what we’ve been doing over the past two months.  It’s been hard, but the extra time has been nice–though we’re all excited to be allowed out of quarantine and to go back to normal!