Something She’s Never Doon Before

Wednesday is my favorite non-weekend day of the week.  It’s my mom’s day off.  (I once told our friendly neighborhood post office man this when he observed that I was without my usual brood, and he chuckled and astutely replied, “No, it’s not!”)  So, as I said, Wednesday’s my day off, and yesterday we spent part of it at a local park near my mom’s house.  It was a little chilly, but still springy enough for me and the girls!

PhotobucketOne of the reasons I started this blog was to keep tabs on the girls’ development and abilities at different ages.  I think Pippa has reached a new level of language development: the one at which children start to say words incorrectly that they’ve been saying correctly for months because they suddenly realize what an incongruous and unruly thing the English language is and set about to tidy it up a bit. After playing on all the usual playground equipment and exhausting herself of all the slides and ride-on animals, Pippa looked around and then said to my mom and me, “What can I do that I’ve never doon before?”

We glanced at each other and smiled, and then just to check we’d heard right, “What, sweetie?”

“What can I do that I’ve never doon before?”  Perfect grammar, wouldn’t you agree?  I pointed her toward this thing, which she had, indeed, never doon before, and she seemed satisfied.  I’m afraid I have become one of those mothers who lets her children continue to say things incorrectly because they’re cute and I don’t want them to stop.
The other excitement for the day was seeing six or seven deer just across the path from where we were playing. That was something they’d never seen before (see how much more sense it makes her way???)