Oh, So *That’s* What She Looks Like

img_3670I’ve said it before and I’ll just keep saying it until everyone’s sick of hearing it:  I never truly know what my babies look like until they’ve been photographed by my dear friend Megan.  This weekend, Juniper had the privilege of her first weekend get-together with Megan, and Megan certainly lived up to her reputation.

img_6185 img_6189


The Red Hair! (We're calling this "The Lucy Factor")


A Big Yawn and a Dimple


Funny Face!


Great Big Sparkly Smile!

As always, Megan got great shots of the whole family, too.  (It was a hot and sticky sort of day for April, but we did our best to smile pretty anyway.)

img_6145 img_6159

(Oh, and by the way, she made our Jon & Kate-style shirts as well, aren’t they fun?)

There are dozens more pictures – too many to fit in a post, but each of them captures something we’ve never quite seen before.  Thanks so much, friend!