Did you miss me?  We have just returned from two weeks in bonnie Scotland, and I’d say I spent about a week of it trying to figure out how on earth I was going to begin to adequately blog it when we got back.

I considered posting my top ten photos, but it turned out I had more like a top one hundred.

IMG_6506I thought about proposing a new reality TV show called Extreme Parenting.  It would have featured a family with four children under five.  The youngest still nursing, and the second youngest right in the middle of potty training.  Each episode this family would be placed in a different situation.  Episode one,  say, on a seven-hour flight following a four-hour-delay in the airport.  Then on a hike up an 823-ft hill with no bathrooms anywhere in sight.   Or on a one-hour boat ride with a tour guide and almost no other children on board (oh, and also no bathroom).  Sprinkle in a couple of fancyish restaurants for good meausre.  And did I mention there would be no naps at all and bedtime about an hour later than usual each night?  It would not have been a stretch, I kid you not.

But despite (or maybe, in part, because of) the rigorous pace, it was just the perfect holiday.  Just perfect.  We cannot begin to express our gratitude to Trevor’s parents and family for making this trip happen (and to my mom, for watching our dog and for driving to the airport twice!)  It was very possibly the loveliest two weeks of my life.  I could think of no other way to share with you the richness of time spent family and friends and the beauty of God’s world that we saw than to show you.

So grab a cup of tea and join me for an eight-minute whirlwind tour of our past two weeks.  I apologize for the length, but if a picture really is worth a thousand words, and I’m about to show you over a hundred of them… well, I figure I’m actually saving you time, right?
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Scotland 2009