Pink Ribbons and Sore Feet

So remember way back in March when I told you I was going to be walking 60 miles for Breast Cancer in the Susan G. Komen Philadelphia 3-Day?  Remember how I promised to update you?  Remember how I haven’t?  At all?

Well, truth be told, there hasn’t been much to update on.  I have taken the dog for several 3-mile walks.  I have purchased a pink fanny pack/cooler thingy to carry my gatorade in (and some gatorade).  I have persuaded two whole people to sponsor me.  Two.  It’s been a slow four months.

But tomorrow, all that changes.  Tomorrow, I will be out of the house before the girls even wake up to do my first official training walk (ten miles!) with Mary.   Then, at 10 AM, when I’m so exhausted that I can barely move, Mary and I will go to the 3-Day Expo: a three-hour-long pep rally to get us totally excited about the walk and the cause we’re doing it for.    I need that.   I just hope I’m conscious enough by that point to take it all in.

After tomorrow, I will start walking every evening after the girls are in bed.  I will buy a decent pair of sneakers. I will start pestering everyone I know to sponsor me.  Hey, I may as well start that now.

If you are reading my blog, then you are probably looking right at a big hot pink button over to the right that will take you straight to my donation page.  (If you’re reading me on a feed, quick, quick: hop over to my blog!)  If you don’t feel particularly passionate about breast cancer, you probably should.  I probably should, too, but sometimes it’s hard to work up genuine emotion for a cause you haven’t had much personal experience with.  After tomorrow, I will feel more passionate, and perhaps I will persuade you too as well.  In the meantime, look at it this way: I have $2000 more to raise in order to participate in this event.  Anything I don’t raise comes out of my pocket.  Maybe that’s a cause you can relate to?