New Beginnings


Since my last post, an amazingly quick eight months have passed.  Beatrix Joanna joined our family on 7/7/07, and is now a proper 6-month-old young lady complete with two bottom teeth (which have thus far evaded capture on camera).  It seems every day something causes me to pause and realize how quickly our girls are growing and changing, and to feel panicked that I cannot slow the process down and hold onto my tiny babies.  I simultaneously love watching them reach new ages and accomplish new things, and wish that for just a moment I could go back and hold them at a few weeks of age.  I love to look at their baby pictures and marvel at how at a month old, it was all there.  Their faces were already their faces, their personalities were just at the surface waiting to bloom.  I can only imagine how bittersweet this will become as they approach young womanhood.

All of this has, once again, inspired me in my task as family historian.  Now that we’ve settled into life as a family of five, and we are emerging from the period of survival mode that accompanies the birth of a new baby, I hope to be able to be more consistent in recording everything that I love about my life and the God who has blessed me with it.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Beautiful post! I love the girls smiles! What a treasure they have as three sisters! I can’t wait to stay up with you via your blog!

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