Our Middle Sweetie

img_1321Romilly has been full of randomness lately.  I don’t know quite how else to explain it.  First of all, she has taken to calling us (exclusively) Mom, Dad, Pip and Bea.  Apparently she is now too cool to call us by any more than a single syllable.  At two months shy of three she has the most active imagination I have ever come across and is constantly coming out with gems like:

“Mom, I’m going to eat you all up!  You’re spicy, but only a tiny little bit.”


“Mom, I’m a scary brown and black monster, and I’m going to scratch your back.”

But it is this recurring conversation that I absolutely had to record for posterity, lest I should ever forget it.  We go through this almost word for word at least three times a day.

Romilly: Excuse me, Mom!

Me: Yes, Ro?

Her: I love you.

Me:  I love you, too!

Her: I love you a most. (Sometimes she even embellishes to “a mostest”, which I might love even more.)

Me: No, I love you the most!

Her: (Like it’s a brand new idea every single time) Bofe of we can be a most!

Me: (Really excited)  Okay!

Her:  Bofe of we are a most, bofe of we are a most – yay!

Just like that, every time.  I love this kid.

4 thoughts on “Our Middle Sweetie

  1. Aww!! Olivia has almost the same conversation with me! All day long she tells me she loves me, I tell her I love her too, then she says, “No, I love you more!” That’s funny that I now know someone else who does it! lol

    Can you believe our babies are going to be 3?? Livie will be 3 in just over a week. Where did the time go?

  2. I love it. It made me laugh so much. Can I join in and love you all a most (or even a mostest) too? xx

  3. Bubba plays this game too. Except somewhere in there, we have “I love you gobble gobs.” Which is ‘gobs and gobs.’ And eventually it ends when he says that he loves me the most and I tell him “That’s impossible.” He loves to repeat impossible 50 times. I guess its a funny word.

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