My Long Lost New Neighbor

I just ran into my cousin Michael at the grocery store while we were both shopping for some last minute Easter essentials.  Here, let me see if I can find a picture of him so you’ll know what he looks like.  Oh, good.  Here’s one of us at Easter – how festive and timely!  (That’s me in the middle and his sister my cousin Holly at the left.)


Wait… hang on.  I might have a more recent one.  Ah yes, here he is at his wedding last October.

Okay, it is one thing for me to be grown up and married with three kids, but it is quite another matter for my little cousin Michael to be married.    He’s a whole four years younger than I am.  How did this happen?

So I’m walking down the seasonal aisle tonight and I hear, “Jode!  You just gonna walk right past us?”  Why yes, I was, you bearded man I have never seen before in my life with a very beautiful and put-together woman at your side, because the Michael that I know and love is five years old and carries a blankie around with him, and certainly does not have a beautiful and put-together wife.  Or a beard.

Fortunately, I snapped out of it quickly.  “Oh, hi!” I recovered.  “You shop at my grocery store – how fun!”  I said.  (Why, oh why, am I still lacking the social graces that one is meant to have by age thirty to resist saying things like this?)  Then we kissed each other on the cheek.  Since when do we do that?

We chatted about their new house, which we knew was just around the corner from us.  We had even slightly changed the course of our weekly walk to church since they made settlement just after Christmas so that we could walk past their house in hopes of stalking them seeing them and inviting them over for lunch.

We chatted about our plans for Easter.   We might see them at Aunt Mary’s on Sunday.  Or we might not.  Part of the reason I haven’t seen Michael recently as often as I did when we were little is that his parents, like mine, ended up divorcing and remarrying.  His wife, Lynn, is in the same boat, so they have four sets of parents to get to at holidays.  I think we shared a moment tonight contemplating just how far reaching the effects of our parents’ decisions have been.

The good news is, though, that they live around the corner now, so there’s no time like the present to get reacquainted with my bearded cousin Michael and his lovely put-together wife Lynn.  Perhaps we shall even see them on Easter.

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