2021 Birthday Post 7 of 13: Bea

Happy 14th birthday today to our beautiful Beatrix Joanna!

Bea is a character. I’m feeling this acutely today because as I was looking through photos for this post, I found picture after picture of Bea making hilarious, ridiculous faces. I am not at liberty to share some of the more recent specimens, but it started young 🙂

Bea is our talker. She is the only confirmed extrovert in the family besides me, and from the moment she could talk she has kept us busy answering her increasingly complex questions. She makes us laugh with her crazy hypotheticals (“Grandmom, if mom had octuplets, would you move out?”), but she also makes us go deep with big life questions.

She is an animal lover to the core of her being. She volunteers at a local cat rescue, and begs us for a new pet almost weekly. Her future goal is to work with animals, possibly as a vet tech or a zookeeper, either way with a side of crazy cat lady. (She’s well on her way on that front!)

For all her silliness and fun, Bea has the tenderest heart, and desires above all things to do what is right. She is one of the most conscientious people I have ever known. As a little girl, she was always our safety warden and the Jiminy Cricket of our gang, often running to me from playing just to double check that whatever they were doing was okay. Her siblings may not always have appreciated this quality in her, but I have always been able to have confidence that if Bea is on the scene, things are never going to go too far south.

Bea spends her free time drawing, writing, crocheting, and playing Zoo Tycoon (because ALL THE BABY ANIMALS!) She is a hard worker and a willing helper.

She loves her siblings fiercely, and will always come to the defense of anyone who is being treated unfairly, even if it means (respectfully) calling me or Trevor out.

I can’t wait to see how God will use this uncompromising, outgoing, winsome girl. She is a joy, and I just love her.

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  1. Happy Birthday Bea! She is awesome! Don’t try to put cream cheese on her bagel, she can do it herself! ? Love her independence, especially at a young age. ??

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