2021 Birthday Post 6 of 13: Milo

Bea suggested that I should begin this post by saying “it seems like only yesterday that Milo was born”, because all posts of this nature seem to start like that, but the truth is, it’s been a long year! This boy has been such a sweet silver lining in all the crazy that was COVID.

Happy first birthday to our littlest mister, Milo Walter!

As I was looking through photos from the past year of Milo, I was flooded with memories of just how magical those first days and weeks with him were. I am still pinching myself a little bit that I actually had a boy, but a year ago, when he was brand new and the miracle was still fresh? Just magical!

This little love is pure sunshine. When I nurse him, he strokes my arm from my hand all the way up to my shoulder, pausing only to give me an occasional little pat. When I enter the room, he takes off toward me at his fastest crawl, puts his head down for extra speed, then can’t see where he’s going and crashes right into me.

He loves balls and anything with wheels, and he’s already figured out that he’s supposed to “vroom” a toy car.

We thought he might beat Freya’s record and take first steps well before his first birthday, but he’s gotten so speedy at crawling that he’s not that motivated to walk. He can stand for a few seconds though, and cruises around the furniture like a pro, so we know it won’t be long.

His only words so far are mama, dada, and a very close approximation to Roro. He also waves and claps and high fives. He manages to be incredibly expressive despite the limitations of his vocabulary so far.

He is very possibly the giggliest baby we’ve ever had. It takes almost no effort to get full on belly laughs from this boy. He even got hysterical watching Verity blow bubbles. Only Verity though 🙂

Milo, you are everyone’s favorite (as every baby should be!) As I write this on your “last night of being zero” (as Verity called it), I wish you the happiest of first birthdays and I pray for many many more happy birthdays to come. I love you, my wonderful boy!

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