One Joyous Day

On the one day of Christmas, this stuff entered our house:

12 pairs of gloves,

11 Pez dispensers,

10 lego sets,

9 balloon creations,

8 scented play-dohs,

7 nesting dolls,

6 bags of marbles,

5 pairs of jeans!

4 pencil sharpeners,

3 crocheted wise men,

2 off-brand Fitbits,

And a mouse named Huckleberry!

* * * * *

But these weren’t the real gifts this Christmas. The story that I can’t begin to quantify is one of peace and thoughtfulness on Christmas day. While some recent Christmases have felt a little bit rushed and chaotic, sprinkled with occasional jealousies and disappointments, this Christmas felt warm and relaxed. Any mom (and especially any adoptive mom) will tell you what a rare and precious gift that is! Here were some of my favorite highlights of Christmas 2020:

  • Everyone pausing on Christmas morning, after only one or two gifts had been opened, to listen to Trevor reading Freya the story book Pippa had written for her.
  • Coraline running upstairs the moment she saw she had received a smart watch (before even opening it) to get Teddy her old watch. I think he was almost as excited about his new watch as she was about hers!
  • Delia having a happy day on Christmas. Because she came home just a week before Christmas seven years ago, this can be a tough and emotional time of year for her. The two weeks before Christmas were rough. Lots of big feelings and trying to retreat into herself. But on the day, she was happy and peaceful. Annis helped her sing along to her new mp3 player. She had a good day, which is something we never take for granted.
  • Niko confiding in me privately and excitedly that he knew the friend he crocheted an army tank for had loved it, even though that friend didn’t give a hugely excited reaction on opening it. (And he was right!)
  • Time with family near and far.
  • Every moment of this boy’s first Christmas. He still feels like such a miracle!
One happy boy and one sleepy one 🙂
  • My six big kids totally surprising me with a beautiful crocheted nativity set! Apparently there were quite a number of near misses over the last couple of weeks, but I was oblivious enough in the busy-ness of Christmas prep to keep the secret safe!

I could go on and on. Despite two not-fully-functional vehicles and at least four Christmas packages that haven’t arrived yet, this Christmas may go down in Young family history as the best ever. It was a perfect storm of happy, thankful kids that doesn’t happen every day and can only really be explained as a gift from God.

I wish you all joy and peace this Christmas season and in the year to come!

One thought on “One Joyous Day

  1. This is such a lovely post! And I know what you mean about the peace and harmony of a family celebration being the best gift a mom could receive. Having said that, I must say that your crocheted nativity set is a really close second. I LOVE it!! I would seriously buy a set from whichever of your lovely children would make one for me. The one glitch I foresee in fulfilling this request, is that I live in Canada. If you could determine an approximate shipping cost, I’d be very interested in having a set made for next Christmas, if your kids were willing to do that.

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