Youngs in Quarantine

Apparently, Newton invented calculus while under quarantine. Shakespeare wrote King Lear. Painters painted and writers wrote very famous things. I think my legacy from this plague of ours shall be that I kept 12 (and a half!) children alive and fed while THEY did some pretty cool things with all their extra free time. As for me, I’m kind of just getting through the day most of the time!

Coraline just finished reading The Lord of the Rings. The whole trilogy. I realize reading a classic is not quite the same as writing one, but she is only eight. When I attempted to slog through it in high school I only made it halfway through the second book!

Bea has adopted a sour dough starter and taken up a new baking hobby with great zeal. We are all very thankful beneficiaries!

Ro has been asking me nearly every day when she’s finished her school work, for as long as I can remember, “Mom, can I type?”. I almost always say yes, though I never really knew quite what she was up to. It turns out that right under my nose she has written some 162 pages of a fantasy novel! She hasn’t let me read it yet (even though I gave birth to her), but my mom has read it and seems very impressed. I’ll let you know when it goes to print 😉

And of course, there has been So. Much. Crocheting! I’ve started checking before they start a new project to make sure they have a home in mind for it that isn’t mine, but we are getting overrun here.

A dinosaur I don’t remember the name of, by Niko.
A little poof chair (with a little person inside!) by Juniper.
Doll by Bea.
White Stallion by Juniper. Yes, it’s really crocheted.
Dragon by Romilly

Pippa especially has been using her crochet skills to try to bless others (for which I and my limited toy storage space thank her!). I especially love this little lady for a nurse friend of ours who is on the frontlines working with COVID patients.

The boys are continuing to do well at home. We are surviving “distance learning” and very happy to have them here with us. They are working on new skills, too.

Lewis completed this puzzle with very little help!
Everyone learning the Macarena at our wedding line dance themed dance party 🙂

And there! Now I’ve written a blog post, so I’m not being completely unproductive after all 🙂

Joy and peace to you in these uncertain times!

2 thoughts on “Youngs in Quarantine

  1. Good to see you blogging again!

    I don’t think I even tried LOTR until I was 10 or 11 so well done Coraline! Any sour dough bread coming this way would be appreciated 😉

    And that dragon looks awesome! My Christmas gift crochet set is still sitting on the side…

  2. Holy cow, your kids have so much talent!! It warms my heart to see all their creations and accomplishments. Let us know when Romilly’s book is available because I would totally read it!
    When you said Coraline read a LOTR, my brain did not compute. Surely she’s not even old enough to be reading Dr. Seuss, right?! They’re all growing too fast for me to keep up with!!!

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