School’s Out for Summer

The end of the school year was a whirlwind of activity!  It seemed for a couple weeks there that nearly every day was a field trip or a party or an award ceremony for the schoolies, while on the homefront we were busily compiling our portfolios and completing our testing and evaluations. But it all got done, whew!

Lewis had a great year.  He can verbally count to ten now, recognizes most of his letters, and can copy text beautifully.  He was loved by his peers and teachers both in his life skills class and his third grade mainstream class.    Here is he with his dear little friend Jude on his field trip to the natural history museum:

He is currently attending half days of school for his extended school year, and thriving there as well, and he will definitely be going back to school in the fall.

Teddy will also be joining Lewis in school next year. The services have been so good for Lewis that we really feel this is the best way to meet the needs of our special boys, though they will certainly be a handful in the same life skills class next year!  Brothers, through and through!

Bea also finished her year with a bang.  Both she and Ro participated in the track team in the late spring.  Bea’s teacher also chose to honor her with the Citizenship Award for showing good character and leadership qualities.  This girl loved every minute of her year of school, but is very excited to come back home next year (as we are to have her back). She made her decision a couple of months ago and never looked back.

Romilly also had an excellent year.  She won the Silver Pen Award for writing excellence for a fictional story which I will share here in photos.  I can’t read it without ugly crying.

Her sixth grade graduation was such a special day.  It was clear how hard she had worked and how this year had accomplished so much of what she hoped it would for her.

Please pray with Ro as she continues to struggle with her decision about school for next year.  She was solidly in the go-to-middle-school camp until a few weeks ago, then just as solidly in the come-back-home camp, and now she is firmly on the fence.  We see advantages and disadvantages for her in both, but we mostly just desire for her to make a decision that she is excited about and has no regrets.  And I kind of need her to decide quickly, because I have to submit my homeschool paperwork for next year by the end of this month!

It feels weirder to brag about my homeschoolers, but they really all had an excellent year, too, pursuing different interests and making steady progress in their academics.  Pippa earned her motorboating license in June and was able to put it to good use on our recent camping trip.


Summer has been kind to us so far.  As I write this, Trevor and four kiddos are in England spending precious time with Trevor’s family.  Time that almost didn’t happen!  My blood pressure has been a bit on the higher side this whole pregnancy, but on the evening before they were due to leave it was higher than it had been before.  My midwife sent me to the hospital for bloodwork to rule out preeclampsia, and while I was there my blood pressure came right down and my bloodwork all came back normal.  She gave us the all clear for Trevor to go, and I have stayed perfectly healthy while they’ve been away.  We are so very thankful for God’s mercy in giving us such clear direction, as we had all been feeling a little uneasy about their traveling so close to my due date (which USED to be early September, but is now decidedly early August!)

They have had such a sweet time visiting extended family, while I have had a surprisingly peaceful time at home with my little brood of seven!



And the homefront:

It is quite possible that the next update I give here could be a birth announcement!  This pregnancy has flown by (what, with the lost month and all), and we are so excited to meet this new little life.  We would welcome prayers for my health and the safe arrival of the newest Young!



3 thoughts on “School’s Out for Summer

  1. It is always so fun to catch up on pictures and updates. Romilly, I love, love, love, love your story. I got a huge lump in my throat. Your words are beautiful and I enjoyed the surprise ending. What a great lesson for us all! Thank you for sharing it with us, Jodi!

  2. Romilly’s story is awesome — nicely plotted and full of empathy! And I love the names she chose for the characters 🙂

  3. Congratulations on the new baby news, and lovely to hear how well all your children are getting along both at school and home. All the best for these last few weeks of the pregnancy.

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