Our Little Boo-ritoes

I was just going to edit my last post to add a few photos, but really, our Chipotle experience tonight warranted its own post.  Here was our little crew ready for their free dinner (click to enlarge):

As you can see, our littlest boo-rito was not too impressed with the change to her usual routine of being put straight into her high chair for dinner as soon as Daddy walks in the door, but she soon found the delay was worth her while.

I threw together a couple of tin foil accessories for myself and Trevor at the last minute just in case the offer was not for kids only, and I was glad I did.  This is what we got for our money…wait, did I say money?  I meant for absolutely free!

We scored not three, but *five* free burritoes (of which we struggled to finish three and brought two home for lunch tomorrow.)   We splashed out and bought a bag of chips to share and two sodas for the grown-ups (they gave us two free kids’ drinks and we had a sippy for Bea), so the whole spread cost us a whopping $4.15 (and it was $37-something on the register before he deducted the burritoes!).  Did I mention we’ve got tomorrow’s lunch in the fridge?!?

Perhaps the most pleasant surprise of all was that not too many people seemed to know about it.  We cruised into a nearly empty restaurant at 6 o’clock on the nose, and by the time we left only two other groups of Mexican-food-decked customers (crazy folks with nary a child in sight, I might add – I wish Trevor had let me take photos of them!) had come in to claim their free meals.  Maybe I shouldn’t try to spread the word too much.

I think it is safe to say that a new Young family tradition was born tonight.  Trevor loathes Halloween, so this was a bright spot in an otherwise abysmal evening for him.  He said it may even have bumped Halloween up to being his second-least-favorite holiday (just above the Super Bowl, I believe, if that even counts as a holiday.)

Look out, Chipotle: next year we’ll be back for *six* free burritoes!

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