Summer’s End Megan Weekend

Although we may yet squeeze in some more fun, there’s no denying the summer is winding down.  The window fan has been taking the place of the AC for the past week or so, our curriculum “box” is due to arrive tomorrow and I will have to force my kids not to start school right then and there, and I am beginning to lose sleep over the *three* science classes I’ve agreed to teach at the co-op we’ve joined for this coming semester.  Fall is definitely in the air.

But it’s still summer!  And a visit from Megan means…

Endless craftiness…



Birthday catch-up…

IMG_2981 IMG_9041

Traditional selfies…

IMG_3005 IMG_9031

And a beautiful new family portrait!


Thanks, Meg, for another super-fun weekend!

(I was also going to share about everyone’s new haircuts, but Pippa beat me to it on her own blog.  You can check it out here !)

One thought on “Summer’s End Megan Weekend

  1. I wrote a comment to Pippa because I thought if my younger son ever did a blog he’d be wondering where the comments are. At 9 he has very little interest in technology yet…yeah Waldorf school.

    Looks like a fun time crafting. I feel summer winding down too. Kharan is on one last ‘vacation’: amputee sleep away camp, before starting back at school. Tavone is working lots of overtime to build of saving before starts final year of high school: Can’t believe my eldest adopted at age 9, USA foster care, gotcha day is this Saturday (8/15)!, is now 18!!! and a 1/2 to be exact.

    I’m in middle of adopting too! can’t name him yet but he is on RR and looks a bit like Kharan..hint, hint..who is at amputee camp where is one of only a few multiple amputees..hint 😉 Waiting on my dossier but site says he is ‘only’ at mffm stage.

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