Big Girl


This girl of ours never ceases to surprise me.

A few months ago, she gave us the invaluable gift of deciding to go #2 on the potty.  Once she had made up her mind, apart from a few little relapses, she never looked back.  This development, of course, provided a huge improvement in our quality of life and hers, but at the time she showed absolutely no signs of wanting to take the plunge and ditch the diapers altogether.

I had long been procrastinating forcing the issue by saying we’d begin potty-training in earnest when the weather warmed up, but even when that happened, life still seemed too busy.  End of school year stuff, adoption stuff, mommy-just-doesn’t-like-cleaning-up-potty-accidents stuff… it all kept getting in the way.

Until one day about 2 or 3 weeks ago, Delia asked me to put a pair of panties on her.  At first I merely obliged her by putting it on over her diaper so she could be like the big girls, but after a few days of her repeated insistence on wearing them, I began to wonder if she was trying to tell me something more.

So, once Daddy’s work break rolled around, we decided to give it a try.  Panties.  No more diapers at home.  Cold turkey.  Just like we’ve done with all our other little potty-trainers.  I began laying the groundwork immediately for an escape route.  “We’ll give it a week,” I told Trevor.  “If she’s not showing any interest in going on the potty by then, I can’t keep cleaning up accidents forever.”

“We can’t send her mixed signals,” he told me.  “We need to just stick with it.”

But we needn’t have had our little preemptive parenting debate.

Day 1 she went through four changes of clothes, but there were successes, too.  Day 2, about half the number of accidents, with a fair bit of prompting and reminding.  By the end of a week, she was consistently telling us (using the sign for “potty” and her word for it, “pah-pah”) when she needed to go and staying dry at home.

On Friday of last week, kind of by accident, we took our show on the road.  She stayed dry through a trip to the library and a doctor’s appointment, successfully using the potty at both places!

We have put a diaper on a her a few times since then for places where there was no quickly accessible bathroom or situations like Sunday school when there wasn’t really someone who could take her there, but I am feeling tantalizingly close to calling our girl potty-trained.  I never imagined in my wildest dreams that she would do it so easily, and so determinedly.  This girl of ours has real spirit!

*         *          *          *         *

I am hopeful that my next post will be about the submission of our dossier.  The documents have been rolling in, and we are only waiting for three more, two of which are almost definitely going to be in our hands by Wednesday.  The I800A clearance is always the wild card, but we are expecting it any day, too.  Stay tuned!

One thought on “Big Girl

  1. Way to go Delia! My neighbors were amazed when their eldest at age 12 suddenly took initiative and was potty trained in under a month. They had moved past the idea of their son being without diapers.

    I’m taking way to long for my h.s! been over 3 weeks already and I thought all the “hard” stuff was out of the way. Apparently I personally have not bee to MD for 3 years so had to have an appointment to get med form complete (no appointments until June of course), my dog’s haven’t been to vet for 2 years so he wants to see them before signs off on form: appoint in 2 weeks, ugh!

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