Happy Birthday, Baby!

You know it must be March when my last four posts have all been about birthdays.  I promise after this I will go back to blogging about something else.  Anything else!

But!  First, I must wish a very happy first birthday to a very precious little blessing.  Our tiniest girl, who seems like she should still look something like this:IMG_3548

…in fact, looks like this now:

IMG_8019 IMG_8024 IMG_8029 IMG_8045 IMG_8063 IMG_8066

She is full of sunshine and sweetness and silliness, and we are all still so completely smitten with her!

Little lady is commando crawling all over the place, often gaining distance by pulling herself up to sitting and then sprawling forward again.  She gets in a proper crawling position often, but with hardwood floors over most of the house, staying that way seems to keep evading her.  She can pull up to standing now and has just started experimenting with cruising.

She seems to be saying mama and dada meaningfully now, as well as a very enthusiastic muh! muh! muh! at mealtimes which I’m guessing might be an attempt at “more.”  She waves and claps with gusto.

She has three teeth on the bottom and a very newly hatched one on top as well as a couple more very close behind.

I never feel that pictures do her justice because she just has the most engaging, endearing little personality.  We just can’t get enough of her, and would rather her not grow up quite so quickly, thank you very much.

We had a low-key family day for the most part, but I think Miss Annis enjoyed the festivities just the same.



IMG_8088 IMG_8095

IMG_8096 IMG_8098 IMG_8111 IMG_8113 IMG_8116 IMG_8117

Happy birthday, sweet, sweet girl!

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  1. Wow, wishing your littlest girl a happy birthday. So over there, they don’t have a minimum age your biological child needs to be, to adopt? Our daughter is 18 months but I think she needs to be at least 2 before we can be approved, and then, they prefer a minimum age gap of at least 2 years. It seems stricter over here maybe?

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