Birthday Boys

I’ve just about given up on ever getting a birthday blog post up on time.  That’s because the night before any given birthday, I am always up until stupid o’clock making birthday presents, and because, in general, my kids don’t read my blog, so it’s mostly just for my own peace of mind anyway.


With that disclaimer out of the way, a double happy birthday to the two menfolk of our household!

Little man had a decent birthday, though not the grandmom’s house day we had hoped for (see: same reason why Daddy’s birthday wasn’t so awesome, below).  He had presents in the morning, followed by some birthday fuss at church.

IMG_7908 IMG_7905

Then in the afternoon, the kids unanimously voted to watch Frozen, which was just given to us by a friend (whom I’m not sure yet whether to thank or not), and we sang and had cake with our afternoon tea.

IMG_7924 IMG_7926

Sadly, our other birthday boy spent his birthday eve home (very) sick from work, and his birthday proper going to work anyway when he probably still didn’t quite feel like it.  At least he got a cool new T-shirt thanks to Adrian’s Christmas gift that keeps on giving.


I love these two.  So much.  Father and son.  I love the way that God brought each of them into my life from thousands of miles away.  They both remind me that my life has indeed been an amazing fairy tale with unexpected twists and turns. I love that when I give them both haircuts, I can’t tell whose hair is whose when I sweep the kitchen floor.  And I love that they have the same birthday.  Happy birthday to the two incredible men in my life!

*    *    *    *    *

PS I also love that our new little guy has a beginning of March birthday, too, though we will probably never know the exact date this side of eternity.  We will celebrate it next week, wishing we could be with him, and praying that by his next birthday, we will.

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  1. Great post, as always! Happy Birthday to all three of your men, and also to Juniper.

  2. There’s a Jodi Lynn Trail in Chesapeake. I feel a road trip coming on…
    Happy birthday boys x

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