New Eyes


When we sat Delia down in the optician’s chair and handed her her new glasses, she tossed them on the floor.  We tried letting Pippa put them on her: no joy.  Mommy?: nope.  The optician sighed and pondered the situation with her glasses in hand.  Then Delia stood up, took a step toward him and leaned in ever so slightly as if to say, “Well, okay, maybe just for a second…”  She hesitated for a minute with her new specs in place… then tossed them on the floor again.  I paid for them, thanked the optician, and put them in my purse.  “Give us a week,” I said.  “I think she’ll be fine.”

We came home, had a snack, and tried again.  I put Delia’s glasses on and gently removed her hands from them once or twice with the reminder, “No touch.”  I had Pippa set the timer for 5 minutes.  Baby steps, I thought.

But then, something amazing happened.  She left them alone!  I caught the timer just before it went off and bumped it up to 15 minutes.  By the time the 15 minutes were almost up I turned the timer off.  Delia was just plain old wearing her glasses – day one – and no turning back.

She took them off deliberately maybe once or twice in the first couple of days, but now, almost a week later, she is more likely to seek out help to put them back on if they come off accidentally.

Delia loves wearing glasses!  She is looking at things for the first time: paying attention to pictures in books, focusing on faces, crossing her eyes less.  We wonder if it’s our imagination, but she even seems happier and more settled.

We are so thankful for this little piece of the puzzle falling into place, another key to unlocking her mysterious little world.  And we are praising the Lord that the battle we had braced ourselves for to get her to wear her glasses lasted no longer than the five minutes we spent in the shop!  (And doesn’t she look adorable?!)

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  1. Yeah! My 17 year old (did you even know I had a 17 year old? I never talk about him…because he is 17). Anyway he is adopted from US foster and dx with Autism Spectrum and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. He NEVER wears his (for over 6 years now) and squints terribly. His are not ‘reading’ glasses, not that he uses them to read either. Wonder if a timer would work for him?

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