Big News for Little Feet

We interrupt our regularly scheduled lack of blogging to bring you this breaking news: Little Miss Trix took her first steps this weekend!

On Friday, September 19, 2008, aged 14 months and 12 days, Beatrix took one lone step between the coffee table and me in the presence of our dear friend Megan (though sadly, not Trevor).  She has repeated the experiment several times over the weekend (including plenty of shows for Daddy) with increasing success and delight, and now loves to stand unaided for as long as she can and smile her biggest smile.  Her record still stands at just two steps, but we’re quite sure that record will be blown out of the water in the days and weeks to come.  She wants to do nothing more during her waking hours than to perfect this fabulous new skill she’s discovered.

For the record, this makes her our “middle walker”.  Pippa took her first steps at 13 months and 8 days, while Romilly kept us waiting until the ripe old age of (one day shy of) 16 months!  No motor skills prodigies here, but that just makes these big milestones all the more celebration-worthy when they come.

2 thoughts on “Big News for Little Feet

  1. Way to go, Beatrix! I love watching them walk, when they are so little. They are so cute! It won’t be long before she’s running!

  2. Wow she is growing up fast! The girls just keep changing more quicky than I can keep up. You guys are teaching them so wonderfully 🙂

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