The End of School Year Crafties


This lovely young lady has recently taught herself to knit from a book from the library.  She will humbly tell you that I taught her, but, in fact, she figured out casting on completely by herself and I only showed her the main stitch once.  I hardly know how to do it myself.  When asked by her home school evaluator what her goal is for fifth grade, she replied without a moment’s hesitation: to learn to purl!

Her first proper project was this adorable headband for little Annis.  Isn’t it sweet?!


Won’t be long before those little fingers are stitching away, too.  It’s been a very crafty place around here now that the school year is winding down:


Annis Octavia’s Pink Octopus, crocheted by Bea.


Football for Pop-pop, sewn by Niko.


Phillies cell phone case, crocheted for Pop-pop’s birthday by Bea.


Two Hawks, crocheted by Ro, just because.

We’re going to go through a lot of yarn this summer!

4 thoughts on “The End of School Year Crafties

  1. How do you do this?! I have tried and tried to teach mine to crochet … and I don’t think it’s me because I have taught others … but they just CAN NOT figure it out. I do think Im at a deficit because Audra is left handed, but seriously. I can’t even get Trace beyond making a chain. And boys are supposed to have awesome coordination, right!?

  2. I love the craftiness! That headband is amazing! I have had a hard time teaching the girls to knit. They just seem to struggle holding onto the needles and the yarn at the same time…

  3. Way to go! I know nothing about knitting but since my youngest goes to a Waldorf school he learned how to purl this year and was very pleased and excited. In true Waldorf style he has knitted a scarf, a bunch of animals, a change purse, and a gnome.

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