Nine Years of Pippa

Long before there were six, there was just one.  And long before there was a bike-riding, piano-learning, reading, writing, baking, crocheting 4th grader (!), there was just our baby girl.

IMG_3003 (2)

From the moment she entered the world, she stole our hearts and changed our lives forever.  She turned a couple of ordinary twenty-somethings into parents, and she persuaded us that we wouldn’t mind doing it all again.  And maybe again.


Of course the wonder is always there, no matter how many times you welcome a new human being into the world, but there is something remarkable about the little person who brings you over that threshold for the first time.  And this little girl has made it all a joy.


Philippa Violet, you have taught me so much more in 9 years than I could ever teach you in a lifetime.  I am humbled and honored that God chose me to be mother to such a treasure.


And I am so very thankful that He chose you to break me into the world of motherhood.  You have made it all a pleasure.  I could not have picked a more perfect person for the weighty job of Big Sister Extraordinaire to this crazy household of ours.  It’s a big job for a little girl, and you handle it with elegance.


It is a privilege to watch you grow into the young lady God made you to be.  But you will always be my baby girl.

Happy Birthday, Pippa!

6 thoughts on “Nine Years of Pippa

  1. Yes, there is something so extremely special about the one that made you a Mama, isn’t there? I’m always telling Audra that. And she giggles. 🙂

    I’m so glad you got a good one.

  2. What a beautiful message to your sweet Pippa! She is truly a very special girl and one of the best big sisters ever. Thanks for sharing these adorable pictures! 🙂

  3. I am just now getting to read this. There’s something about that first child of a big(ish) family where others follow along closely — especially when that first child is a girl. And wow at the long-leggedness in that last photo!!! I hope she had a wonderful birthday.

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