Post-Kindy Spelling and Other Bits of News


The above was a gift that Beatrix, our recent kindergarten graduate, crafted for her rabbit-enthusiast aunt Olivia.  It makes me smile and smile.  It’s a cardstock “bunee” that you can feed “carits” and “ledis” to.  You just put them right there in his “mawth”.  Simple!

Do you know that I look at her sweet, just-turned-six-year-old spelling and I am just in awe? Those words might not look like much to be proud of, but prior to about a month ago, this little girl had never-ever attempted to spell a word without asking for help (there are quite a few helpers around, after all) .  Now she writes all day long, and I can almost always figure out what she’s trying to say.   Letters mean something to her, all of a sudden.   And that is amazing to me.  Watching children learn is just absolutely amazing to me.  And she’s cute, too.  So that helps.


In other news, we received our updated FBI clearances today (still no record – whew!).  We need to send them straight back off to be authenticated in DC, but as Bea said, “It still means we are one step closer to Delia coming home!”  Also, I should have mentioned when it was fresh in my head that we also received our I800 clearances a couple of weeks ago, too  (When exactly?  In the comments, maybe, Trev?), so this is really the last bit of paperwork we need to scrape together to have our documents ready for court.  Which is probably still a long way off the way things seem to be moving lately.  Prayers for expediency and funding are still appreciated!

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  1. How is Trevor handling the fact that she spelled “lettuce” with a ‘d’? 🙂

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