Look Who’s… Wait… How Old?!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled “Yay!  Daddy made it home safely!” to bring you this breaking news: Beatrix turned six today!  That doesn’t seem right, right?  IMG_1130 

Our lovely girl regularly gets mistaken for younger than she is.  Indeed, last year she received two birthday cards wishing her a happy 4th birthday!  But as soon as she speaks and her clever, feisty sense of humor comes out, you know this girl with the sweet babyface has graduated to big-kid-hood.  Bea has a ready smile, a song in her heart and a bounce in her step.  She is a pro at accents and other crazy voice tricks.  She wants to be an entomologist when she grows up (which I guess means I’d better learn how to spell it!)  And this girl loves Jesus so very much.  Oh, how she melts my heart.


Beatrix Joanna, I just love the little person you have blossomed into.  Keep loving the Lord and His Word all your days, sweet girl!  You delight this mama’s heart.



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