At Week’s End

I have realised something surprising and wonderful about my husband this week.  He has many amazing qualities, but this one has given me a whole new appreciation for him.

Over the years we have sort of fallen into certain roles around the house.  We each do what we can to keep things running smoothly(ish) and we try to “play to our strengths” (This phrase has been invoked often recently in attempts to excuse myself from any and all of the stressful must-be-absolutely-perfect adoption paperwork.  “How about I keep the kids out of your way while you do this?  That’s better, right?  Play to our strengths?”)

Anyway, Trevor fills the ice cube trays.  Always him, never me.  I see him doing it sometimes and have never thought much of it.  Until now.

Do you know he must fill those trays at least twice a day to keep up with my iced coffee habit in the summer?  I had no idea how much ice I go through!  Do you know he also never ever EVER uses ice himself?  This is true love.

And my true love is coming home tomorrow.  Hope I can sleep tonight.


4 thoughts on “At Week’s End

  1. Can I just say how awesome it is that you have opened your home to these kids? I so look forward to your posts & love to hear about all the kids, but Trevor really touches my heart. In my life, men haven’t been apart of the family make up. I love that Trevor went all the way over there, by himself, to meet with Delia! You can see the compassion in his eyes. Delia & Niko are very blessed to have your all as family!

  2. That is true love 🙂
    This has been an amazing week for you all and what an amazing time for Trevor. Praying for you all lots!

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