Two Lovely Days… And a New Name

Trevor has had exactly half of his visits with Little Lady already, and the reports have been even better than I could have hoped.  She smiles and laughs (her medical report states that she “rarely smiles”).  She sings and dances and loves picking and eating apricots from the tree at the orphanage.  She likes to run, and Trevor says it will be a long time before we can trust her in our fenced in yard without careful supervision, but she sounds like she has so much life in her.  She has some very limited speech, but any speech at all is so encouraging.  And most importantly, her Daddy is still so, so crazy about her.  And that makes me even more crazy about him.  The pictures have made my heart smile.  Big.

Bulgaria 070113 014 Bulgaria 070113 044 IMG_0954

Meanwhile, on the homefront, things have been hot and sticky and very busy.  But while this Mommy has had a few moments of crankiness here and there, the kids have been absolutely delightful and such a help to me.  It is in situations like this, when my hands are at their very fullest and my own weakness is glaring at me, that God’s grace is at its most tangible in my life.  He has answered our prayers mightily on both sides of the ocean this week.

Oh, yes!  And, as promised: the grand unveiling of Little Lady’s name.  I’ll save her full name and the story behind it for another post, but for now, let me shout from the rooftops the name we have been calling this little girl in our hearts for over a year (but for the odd week of typical Trevor and Jodi name drama here and there).  Allow me to introduce our lovely…

Bulgaria 070113 048

{{{    Delia   }}}

3 thoughts on “Two Lovely Days… And a New Name

  1. Great news – love the pic of her and Trevor under the tree – adorable!
    And love the name! 🙂

  2. Love how she’s smiling at him!!!! 🙂 And I can’t wait to hear her whole name. Delia is lovely!!!!

  3. Delia has given my fits in a recent book both my sis and I read: is it Delia (as in heard in Cordelia (deal-ya) or is it Dell-ya? Either way I love it but now I can’t say for sure which is more likely pronunciation since my sis made a good case for Dell-ya. After my sis made her case I kept flipping back and forth between them in the book. I’ve had name pronunciation worries ever since I realized how silly I was for adding a french accent to Harry Potter character Professor Dumbledor(ay)..yes a long ‘a’ sound at end…haha I don’t know why I thought that since it was based in London but was shocked when movie came out.

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