Father and Son

Happy birthday, boys! 


These two menfolk share the distinction of being my two favorites in all the world, and they also share a birthday!  Unfortunately I am a full week late in wishing my boys a happy birthday.  Where did the week go?

Well, I know where the weekend went, at least.  We had my dear friend Megan visiting from Friday to Sunday bringing lots of birthday cheer for all of our recent birthday celebrants.  We also learned to knit (!) last weekend.  Incredibly tricky business.  I may stick to crocheting.

Here’s a brief photo summary of the birthday festivities.  You may notice that the celebrations slightly favored the younger Mr. Young, but what the photos don’t tell you about is the delicious Thai meal we grown-ups had after the kids were in bed on Saturday night.  So Daddy did get his little bit of spoiling, too, don’t worry.



Mike the Knight, Compliments of Gran and Grandad




Church Movie Night


Mike Wazowski cake – it was a Mike kind of day!


You’ve heard all about the boy recently, so you already know how great he is, but I don’t quite as often tell you how awesome his daddy is.  It takes a pretty amazing kind of guy to share his life so wholeheartedly with so many little people.  (People think I’m the crazy one… let’s just say this next adoption was not my idea!)  It has been such a privilege to be married to this man and watch from the front row what God has done in his life (and in mine).  It’s been a pretty wild ride, and I can’t imagine being on it with anyone else.  I love you!



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