Birthday Girl


The party was on Saturday, and I foolishly forgot to keep back a gift to let her open on her actual birthday.  Does this girl look like she minded?  Our sweet little lovey was thrilled to wear a birthday crown fashioned by her biggest sister out of a paper towel roll and have a perfectly ordinary breakfast on her special day.

After a morning of playing with her new play-doh and a lunch of French toast, we headed out for the main event: a trip to Target to spend some birthday gift cards that all three of our birthday kiddos received at their party.

While Niko and Romilly waffled around for the better part of an hour pondering nearly every toy in the store, June approached the outing with a single-mindedness I have rarely observed in adults, let alone in a four-year-old.  She wanted a new school book and a dress, and that is exactly what she got.

After our first stop in the book department, she sat contently in the back of the cart poring over her new Pre-K workbook, eyes sparkling with delight.  As we walked through every aisle of the toy department at least twice looking for her brother’s and sister’s gifts, she never wavered.  This is a girl who knows what she wants, and what she wants is almost always remarkably sensible.


Happy 4th birthday to our feisty, precocious, hilarious, but always very level-headed Juniper Lucy.  It is a joy to be your mommy!


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