Piano Lessons

Years ago, my mom gave us a piano that came into her thrift store as a Christmas gift.  We were delighted! Of course all homeschooling families are very musical, and we were going to be no different.

We waited for God to drop the perfect teacher into our laps.  Someone who would come to the house, not charge too much, maybe a friend or family member.  We asked my great aunt.  She plays by ear, she told us, and wouldn’t know how to teach.  And so we waited.


A couple weeks ago, on a whim, Trevor ordered a piano-teaching book online.  It seems we have been overlooking the obvious.  Daddy took piano lessons once upon a time, and is as cheap and able to come to the house as they come.

He enthusiastically started lessons with the two biggest girls as soon as the book arrived, and over this past weekend, he started with the boy.  So far, everyone is doing marvelously, and I am excited to think that in a few years time we will have a home filled with beautiful music!


2 thoughts on “Piano Lessons

  1. Which book did you get? We have a piano and I have dreams of kiddos who can play but sadly, my one semester of lessons in college has not given me any idea of how to start teaching….

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