Ch is a Useful Sound

Pippa still struggles to make a few consonant and double consonant sounds.  It’s normal for her age, and usually, we can understand each other just fine.  This morning, not so much.

Pippa came out of the playroom where all three girls were playing, I *thought* out of harm’s way, while I cleaned up a broken mug in the living room.  She was quite worked up, and this is how it went:

Her: Mommy, come tick!  Bee-tix is eating sock!

Me: (Not really that concerned, bigger fish to fry, what with the broken mug and all) She’s eating… a sock?

Her: No, Mommy.  SSS-ock!

Me: Uh… truck?

Her: No.  SSSS-OCK!

Me: (Running through every consonant she does that sometimes sounds like an S, but totally blanking) Okay, honey, I’ll be there in just a second once I throw away this glass.

*      *      *

Just a second later, I found this girl, happy as can be, eating…

Ohhh… CHALK!

4 thoughts on “Ch is a Useful Sound

  1. Ooooh that is too cute!! Mason use to mix up his words a lot (still does sometimes). Love the pic!

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