Wordless Wednesday: Gappy Romilly!


And the good news is, the tooth fairy remembered (all be it in the middle of the night!) to make her appearance last night. She was a bit delinquent last time, but thankfully Pippa was more than gracious with her when her money appeared a day late and doubled in quantity!

One thought on “Wordless Wednesday: Gappy Romilly!

  1. Yep. i still read, just rarely comment. When I adopted my first boy, age 8, I wasn’t sure if had an ideo of toothfairy or been visited. He lived with his birthfamily on the streets and had missed out on a lot. So I posed some questions to see if he ever was visited by the toothfairy or any little details about how it might have been handled. He informed me that the tooth fairy can find your tooth anywhere so you can throw it away in trash, only comes on Wednesday, mostly leaves pennies but sometimes a dime, and always leaves a piece of candy like 1 hersey kiss or 2-3 jelly beans (to help more teeth fall out)’!

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