Birthday Boys

Thursday was a happy, festive day.

March 1st.  Trevor’s birthday, Niko’s birthday, and as a bonus, a Bulgarian national holiday called Baba Marta as well.

Our little man had torn into his birthday morning gift (a personalized T-shirt with his name and a photo of him and the girls on it) before I even made it downstairs, and he didn’t seem too impressed, so I wondered how the rest of the day would go.  It definitely picked up from there.

After ladies’ Bible study in the morning, we headed straight to Trevor’s work to pick him up for a glamorous birthday lunch at Taco Bell.  Well, seeing Daddy in the middle of the day is a rare and special treat anyway.

When we got home, I began to get a better picture of how strongly Niko associates his birthday with Baba Marta, so we made more of an effort to get into the spirit of things.  On the surface of it, Baba Marta, “Grandmother March”, is just a holiday to welcome in (or will in!) the spring, but it seems to be more of a celebration of all things traditional and Bulgarian.

Niko begged to wear the traditional Bulgarian costume Trevor bought while in country  for special occasions, so (since it was his birthday and, hence, a special occasion) I let him.  Then we hunted down some youtube videos of Baba Marta songs.  This is when we really got to see Niko come to life.  His face just lit up, and he sang along with great gusto!  He also obviously knew a little bit of the traditional dance – so fun to watch!

After dinner we enjoyed cake (Baba Marta color-themed in red and white, per the little birthday boy’s request) and rainbow sherbert, and Niko opened a couple of packages that had arrived for him (thank you, Gran and Grandad and Uncle Adrian!)  (Trevor had opened his present from me that morning, though it has been rather dwarfed by the free Kindle he subsequently received at work yesterday!)

We watched Baba Marta videos again after dinner so that Daddy could see Niko get his Bulgarian groove on, and by bedtime everyone was beat.  What a wonderful day.  I am so thankful he made it home in time to celebrate with us this year.  What a joy this little boy is!

I am also thankful for the big birthday boy of the family.  Words can’t begin to describe how much I love him, how much I appreciate how hard he works for all of us, how much I just plain old enjoy his company.  I am so blessed to be his wife.

Happy birthday to both of my precious boys!

One thought on “Birthday Boys

  1. Please tell me you got the “Baba Marta” songs on video! Sounds darling!

    We had actually applied for “Nikolay” LAST year but when our agency went to pull his file, you had already snatched him up! I’m so excited to see what a loving and godly family he has!
    Another little girl from Bulgaria that we loved is getting ready to be adopted into a family of all BOYS and I thought the two of your families would have great stories to share with each other. Their blog is: They just got back from their first visit and are now at the eating 2-5 mos stage.

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