What Mommy and Daddy Do

Over the weekend, the girls were talking to Trevor about their future goals and aspirations.  Romilly wants to be a doctor (not bad at all), and Pippa wants to be a fairy (how does she even know about fairies???).  Trevor wondered aloud why neither of them wanted to pursue our chosen career paths (his, research chemistry, and mine, teaching science, once upon a time), then he wondered…

Daddy: Pippa, do you know what Daddy does?  What does Daddy do?

Pippa: (quite confidently, and without skipping a beat) Yes.  Daddy makes coffee.

Daddy: And what does Mommy do?

Pippa: (hesitating, should I be offended or did she just not know where to begin?) Mommy makes lunch.

Well, true enough.   I just wonder why we wasted all those years and all that money on a college education.  For the record, she used to be able to tell us that “Daddy makes medicine,” but I guess we need to keep practicing that one if we want it to stick.  Otherwise we may have Starbucks beating down our door if the rumors get out that he’s actually an accomplished barista.

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