A Day About Love

We’re learning a lot about love around here these days, so it seems sort of fitting to be celebrating Valentine’s Day.  Once upon a time I thought love was a mushy-gushy feeling you get when holding someone’s hand (well, there’s still plenty of that kind around.)  These days, I’m seeing a different and much more powerful sort of love around our home.

It’s the love of a big four-and-a-half-year-old girl for her tiny baby sister, so overwhelmingly strong that she cries sometimes when baby goes down for a nap.

It’s the love of sisters who instantly recognize their brother as family even though they just met him.

It’s the love of a toddler who can’t wait to see her big brother first thing in the morning, and climbs into bed, giddy with excitement, to snuggle him when she finds him.

It’s the love of a little boy for his new family; though he doesn’t always know quite what to do with it, it often pours out in smiles and giggles, sweet thoughtful actions, and just plain old not wanting to leave our sides for one single second.

It’s the love of a mother who just wants to hold and kiss her precious new son, even when he is *not* happy about the sweater vest he has to wear to church, but especially when he is smiling his priceless signature grin.

It’s the love of a wife for a husband who has a deep passion for the fatherless.  (And who is setting aside his usual frugality for a post-kid-bedtime Chinese take-out for two tonight!)

It’s the love of a Father who lavishes His grace on His children daily, though they fail over and over.  His mercies truly are new every morning.

1 John 4:19 says

We love because he first loved us. 

This is true love.

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  1. Beautiful! Praising God and rejoicing with you!! He showers us with such outstanding, immeasurable love!

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