Romilly’s Word of the Month

dis·ap·pear  [dis-uh-peer]

– verb used without object

1. To forget to do do something one said one would do.

2. To make a silly, silly mistake.


“Mommy, you didn’t get me juice… you disappeared!”

(When handed her sister’s sippy cup by accident, giggling) “Daddy, you disappeared!”

*  *  *

Apparently there are two main types of language aquirers among small children, and the differences between the two manifest as soon as they begin (or don’t begin) to say words.  Some children will listen and observe until they are absolutely certain they understand a word, and then attempt to say it.  This was Pippa, who finally worked up the nerve to utter “Mama” for the first meaningful time at 17 months old upon leaving me to stay with a friend while I went to stay with newborn Romilly in the hospital.

Other children will cheerfully spout out whatever nonsense their little minds dream up and hope that some of what comes out of their mouths will be understood and appreciated by those around them.  This is our Romilly.  She had 50 words (some more questionable than others, granted) by 18 months and now, at almost two and a half, keeps us in stitches with enormous words and grown-up idioms that she thinks she knows the meanings of.  She never answers a question with yes or no, preferring responses like “Umm, I sink I’m are” or “I don’t yuv to do dat”.  She “disappears” (see definition 2) quite often in her word choice, and we hope she doesn’t stop doing it anytime soon!

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