Wordless Wednesday: Brown-Eyed Girls

Beatrix has an affection for Coraline that far surpasses that of any of any of her sisters.  They all love her, of course, but Bea scarcely leaves her side while she’s awake (and indeed, would love to stay by her while she sleeps as well!)  It could be that she just loves babies (she does!), or that Coraline is her “little buddy” (she is), but personally I think it’s the brown eyes.

Okay, they’re not brown yet, but Coraline’s eyes are decidedly dark at three months, and definitely not blue.  Bea’s own eyes didn’t fully settle on their color until well into her second year, so we’re pretty sure Miss Cora’s will take the same scenic route to brown.  That makes two for my team, just saying.

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Brown-Eyed Girls

  1. Not sure I’m quite convinced about Coraline’s eye color yet, but I’m pulling for brown, too! 🙂

  2. Jonathan is crazy about Daniel, too. He’s always encouraging me to wake Daniel up way before it’s actually time for him to wake up.

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