Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

At about this time last year, I was sitting in a hospital bed completely in awe of the tiny new little girl I had just met.  Beatrix arrived fast and furious, just like her littler big sister, but after days of teasing us with contractions.

I had learned my lesson when Romilly was born that no two babies are the same, and that it’s a different sort of falling in love each time, but Bea managed to throw me for a loop again.  I remember spending what felt like an eternity repeating, “What is it?  What did we have?”  over and over again before Trevor finally told me she was another beautiful little girl.  (I guess doctors aren’t used to people not already knowing these days, or else mine was still too frustrated with having not been informed in time that I was about to give birth to be bothered with details.)  My next question was, “is she bald?”  I don’t know why it was at the top of my list, but it did get a noteworthy answer. “No, not really” Trevor told me, “and her hair is dark!”  It was unprecendented.  Her coloring was completely different from her sisters’, and although her hair has lightened up some, she is still the darkest of our girls in every regard: hair, skintone, and eyes.

Then I got to hold her.  She was so beautiful.  She had none of the usual squashedness or swollenness that most newborns have.  She was perfectly formed and the prettiest little thing I had ever laid eyes on.  She had the  sweetest little nose and mouth I had ever seen on a baby.  The hormone-induced mommy love gush was instant.

Now, I’ve blinked and a whole year has gone by.  My sweet tiny girl can now say Mama and Dada and uh-oh.  She has eight teeth and can eat everything we do.  She can pull up and cruise on furniture.  She still crawls like a caterpillar, and I’m not in any hurry for her to stop.

She has a sweet cheeky personality that can totally steal the show from her big sisters, and she lights up the room every time she smiles.  We are so richly blessed to have her in our family.

Happy birthday, sweet Bea!

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  1. She is adorable and I agree with Nancy’s comment about the spaghetti. Where has the year gone? And how much she has grown in even a month! The only thing that is a bit different this time round though is that there is no big brother or sister on the way!?! 😉

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