Thankful Thursday: One Fabulous Hubby and One Fabulous Weekend

I’m very late with this post.  So late that I’ve become on time again, and even a little bit late again.  I am sorry, but I will say in my defense that I left my house at lunchtime on Thursday last week and was completely disconnected from cyberspace until Sunday night.  That might be  record of some sort.

What is most certainly a record is that my amazing husband, successfully looked after four girls (five on Friday!) for three whole days.  72 hours.  And let me tell you, he was not just  feeding them cereal for every meal and keeping them from killing each other.  He actually did stuff with them.  I’ve seen the pictures.  The weekend’s activities included:

  • Some sort of coloring-drawing-gluing craftiness,
  • A bike ride,
  • A trip to McDonald’s,
  • A decent amount of school,
  • A giant pile of leaves for jumping in (which he first had to rake together), and
  • Making a Christmas cake!

Folks, I’ve got to be honest with you, this is more fun than I pack into the average week!

I am humbled, not just by my sweet husband’s extraordinary abilities as a parent, but also by his generosity in letting me have this long weekend away.  Hopefully it was to his advantage.

You see, while Trevor was holding down the fort,  I was off in Virginia Beach becoming a better wife at CCEF‘s Annual Conference, “ONE”, on the topic of Marriage.  I wish I had time to give a full recap of the weekend’s sessions.  They were phenomenal.  Instead you’ll have to settle for a few of my favorite moments, concepts and other bits and pieces that I happen to have right on the tip of my brain.

  • Marriage is like a whale.  (You didn’t know this?  Neither did I!)  In its proper context, the ocean, a whale is beautiful and graceful and awe-inspiring.  Take it out and put it on a beach and bad things happen.  Really bad things.  Likewise, God designed marriage to thrive in its proper context: a couple in constant connection to God and thriving in  loving community with others.   Outside of that context, marriage becomes self-focused and starved of its intended purpose.  Wow.
  • Marriage/relationship books which emphasize the differences between the genders (Venus/Mars type stuff) may be of some value for some people, but they can create an unbiblical, inaccurate, “cookie-cutter” concept of men and women.  People are not cookies, they are snowflakes! (This one was a shocker for me, as I happen to be a card-carrying Venusian and my husband, a bona fide Martian, but very good to keep in mind, nonetheless.)
  • All Christians are connected by a maximum of two degrees of separation, I’m convinced.  I ran into a guy from my church in Scotland, and roomed with a girl who knew my college roommate and her whole family.  The whole weekend was like one big, happy family reunion.
  • Best one-liner of the weekend: prizes were awarded by our crazy MC Van Fletcher at each session for various superlatives.  One of the first prizes given was for “Most Newly-Wedded”.  The sweetest couple ever, married for just four weeks, came skipping up to the stage, all wrapped up in each other’s arms.  Van asked them if they wanted to share anything and offered them the mic, and without hesitating, in front of 1600 people, the husband responded, “Marriage is easy!”  Then we all got up and went home.
  • My very own husband, I am now convinced more than ever, is actually the best one in the whole world.  I went to this conference wishing that he could have come too, you know, so that we could both benefit from all the wisdom.  Turns out I needed it way more than he did!

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  1. Sounds like a great conference (and so close to me). Everyone co uld benefit from something like that! And what a great husband/dad!

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