Wordful Wednesday: Special Half Birthday Edition

Juniper Lucy is 18 months old today!  Normally that would mean I’d take a picture of her with her special teddy bear, but since her Daddy and big sisters and Gran and Grandad have cleared off to Lancaster County for the day and taken the camera with them, I’ll just be sharing a few recent favorites.

Also, for posterity, I thought I’d record some of her words thus far.  We’ve quite quite an explosion in the last few weeks, and I confess I haven’t even started listing them like I did for the other girls.  Poor neglected fourth child.

So, at the ripe old age of one and a half, Junebug can say:







Gulla (Gulliver, the dog)

Hi and Hello



Ah-mum (Amen)



Bopple (bottle, Ellie’s that is)


Poppy (potty) and Pee-pees (girl wants to potty train like there’s no tomorrow, but there is, and I’m not doing it yet. Nope, I’m not.)

Uppy (up)


Pease (please)

Tee-koo (Thank you)

and her new favorite (*not* ours!): No.   Spoken mournfully when we try to dress her, change her diaper, brush her teeth, etc.  We’re awfully mean to her.

We call her our little engineer because she loves trying to “fix” things  and figure things out.  A few months ago she discovered a screw missing from one of our vents and crawled all through the house to get one from a bucket of odd screws in another room to replace it.  Crazy, scary genius!

She adores her sisters and especially her baby Ellie.  She is irresistibly adorable and cheeky. We’ll keep her, I think.

2 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday: Special Half Birthday Edition

  1. Potty-training…you are right. There is tomorrow! Katie was the same way. She was 2 1/2, I was going through the first few months of my pregnancy with Timmy, and she wanted to be potty-trained in the WORST way! I just couldn’t do it! She patiently waited until I could see past the nausea and day-to-day life with 3 kids and one on the way. Once she was potty-trained, she NEVER looked back! Never wet the bed, would only tolerate pull-ups for a very short period of time, wanting those *adorable* big girl undies! Amazing! (If only Timmy had been so easy…) 🙂 Love your stories, Jodi!

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