MoJo Monday: Treasure It Up!

Happy new week!  On the heels of my rather pragmatic post last week, I’m going to get all mushy on you today.  I’ve been thinking lately that the very act of treasuring up this phase of life gives me joy – does that seem redundant?

Luke 2:19

But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.

When I leave the house with my four girls, I think we make quite a scene.  The lovely man that works at our local post office described me to a friend once as “having babies hanging off me everywhere.”  Nice picture, huh?  Yet almost every time we go out, someone, usually an older woman, tells me something to this effect:  “Enjoy them, it goes so fast!”

My oldest is only five, and I know it already: the days are long, but the years fly by in a blur.  I know, even as I am in the sometimes overwhelming moments of this phase of my life, that it is a short-lived, and I will miss it when it’s past.  I know it from the ladies who stop me in Rite-Aid, and from the women who can’t wait to snatch my baby out of my arms in the nursery each Sunday, and from my own mom who cries every time she thinks about my baby sister graduating from high school this year.  I will blink, and they’ll be in college.*

I’m so aware that I cannot hold onto these precious days.  I take pictures and videos, but I know that when I look back on them, they will not bring back June’s baby smell, or the feel of her sweet fuzzy head against my cheek.  I blog so that I won’t forget, but I know I’m only capturing a tiny handful of the memories we make each day.

So, armed with the knowledge that these days of having little ones at home are whizzing past me at breakneck speed and that I can do nothing to stop it, what can I do? I can treasure it all up.

Just as Mary pondered in her heart the incredible things she was seeing God do in her own life, I can treasure the sweetness and the joy that God gives in my children each day.  I can just know in each moment that  this is amazing stuff: watching a baby pull to her feet for the first time and burst into a delighted smile, seeing the bonds of sisterhood forged through the giggles of toddlers, being read to by a five-year-old who was so frustrated by reading six months ago I wondered if she’d ever get it.  Every day is full of tiny miracles, and I want to notice and treasure as many of them as I can and to give thanks for being right where I am.

*(I’m into my footnotes lately, aren’t I?  Less distracting than a parenthesis, I think.)   Romilly must have heard me saying this recently.  I heard her explaining it to Pippa a couple weeks ago: “Pippa, you blink your eyes like this {blink}, and then you’re in college!”  Magic!  Do you think if we blink hard enough it will already be paid for?

5 thoughts on “MoJo Monday: Treasure It Up!

  1. They do grow up fast–and I’m only on number two! She can be such a sweetie (sometimes) and she’s getting bigger and more helpful every day!

  2. This totally made me tear up. Especially the Pippa reading to you part … Bubba brought home an activity set from prek and last night, Chickie read him the story, walked him through all the activities, and read him the worksheet and help him finish it while I was doing dishes, making supper, and overseeing the entire thing. It made my heart sing.

    I pray every day that out of what I thought was total disaster will rise a family that leans on each other and helps each other out at every turn … and that they will be a shoulder for one another when I am gone or when they get old enough that they don’t want to share everything with me.

    I don’t really have that with my brother or family. Thank God that he put me in a situation where I had no choice but to figure out how to create it!

  3. Amen, Jodi. Amen. I often wonder, as I think over my sweet babies, “are these the kinds of things Mary pondered in her heart?” I pray, pray, pray that God will save my children despite me; that if they remember the moments that I fail big time then He will also be merciful to allow them to remember me seeking forgiveness for blowing it (something my parents never did). Love the blinking story!!! and the photo of the girls is stunning!

  4. Jodi, this post literally brought tears to my eyes! I am right there too, trying to treasure it all up, because it will be gone ever so soon!

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