How I Got My MoJo On Today

I didn’t turn my computer on until 5:30 pm today!  I’m guessing if you’re reading my blog that that might be as revolutionary a concept to you as it was to me, but it needed to be done.  It probably needs to be done more often.

By about 11 AM, I was itching to check my e-mail, my Facebook, my bloglines… my world!  But the girls and I were deeply involved in a craft project (thanks, Megan… if only I had a blog to link to here…), and I decided to stick it out and see how long I could last.   Remarkably, by about 4 PM, I didn’t really want to switch on as much anymore.  The worst of the withdrawal was behind me, and the cravings had died down.  I had enjoyed a fabulous day with my girls, and finished (with their help) one and a half of these little cutie pies.

IMG_9142 Despite the extra hour or more that being unplugged afforded me, I still didn’t get done everything I wanted to today.  We’re still tying up loose ends in school from Thanksgiving week and it seems like  we may never get totally caught up, but today I finished the day with sense that I had chosen what was better.  I chose to be Mary rather than Martha (oh, let’s face it, I don’t even chose to be Martha most of the time!)  I was intensely involved with my children just about all day long, and it was a rich, lovely, blessed day.  (Sadly, I totally flaked out tonight on offering my husband the same undivided attention.  A lot happens in cyberspace when a girl doesn’t turn her computer on all day!  So sorry, though.)

Today’s impromptu partial media fast came on the heels of a wonderful, nearly computer-free weekend with dear friends.  I don’t want to minimalize the blessings of being able to keep in touch and even get reacquainted with people electronically.  There is certainly a place for it!  But there’s just nothing like  being in the presence of dearly loved, too-often-distant friends.  What a sweet, busy, unexpectedly wintery (thanks again, Nancy, for the loan of the snow clothes!), fabulous weekend we all had!

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  1. The bears are looking good! Very impressive (and impressively speedy) crafting! And you got totally different photos than I did. Neat! Thanks for coming down and visiting — it was fun, even if it was cold outside and noisy inside 😉

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